N°610 – Air-Cooled Liquid Chiller CARRIER 30RA with Integrated Hydronic Module

air cooled chiller Carrier 30RA for sale

+ ecological refrigerant HFC-407C that has no effect on the ozone layer replacing R-22.

auta-adaptive control algorithm for an under control compressor operation and best air conditioning result

Technical carateristics

very compact with its integretaed hydronic module

equiped with a second generation flying bird fan, so very quiet fan but even more thanks to its chassis that brings the whole structure to one meter from the floor nd then minimizing vibrations.

Remote : PRO-DIALOG Plus control i a very advanced numeric control panel system.

This machine is available from begining of november. Please give us a call to talk about loading question and price.

This air-cooled liquid chiller is a potential part of a whole batch of air-conditioning system of a former pharmaceutical plant. There are 3 other parts you can find on this link such as Hydronic AX’M 170 / 85 / 45.


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